Your monthly Swappy invoice summarizes your billing activity as a seller. Invoices are issued the first of each month and reflect the amounts due as well as payments, credits, refunds, fees and discounts applied to your account during the billing cycle.

How to View your Invoice

Once your invoice is issued an automated e-mail will be sent out to you. To view and or pay your invoice follow the steps below.

Step 1

Log in

Step 2

Select My Account from the top navigation menu.

Step 3

Select the ''My invoices’’ from the left hand menu

Step 4

You can now view your invoices. Invoices will be displayed with the following details.


Each invoice has a unique number


The date represents the issuing date


Indicates if your invoice is paid or unpaid


Indicates the final amount billed to you that needs to be paid


Allows you to either pay the invoice* or view the detailed invoice.

*Payments can only be made via the paypal service.

Step 5

To view the details of an invoice simply click the show details button of the corresponding invoice located on the right side.

What can happen if your account balance is past due?

It is your responsibility to assure that your Swappy invoices are paid in full 30 days from the date it was emitted. If no action has been taken on your behalf and your Swappy account balance becomes past due you may be subject to late fees. In case of non-payment, Swappy reserves the right to suspend your account.  To reinstate your account privileges you will be required to make a onetime payment to settle your balance in full.

In the event that collections or legal procedures are taken on your account you will responsible for all costs incurred as outlined in the Swappy’s member’s agreement.

Please note:

  •       In case of non-payment we may restrict or suspend your account including any other accounts you have been using.
  •       Your listing is ended prematurely due to an account suspension, you will still be charged the listing fees.