Your bids are only increased to maintain your position as the highest bidder and follow the pre-set increments which are based on the current highest bid. This ensures that if you win the auction you will either pay the maximum amount you previously decided for the item or less.


  • Maximum bids are always kept confidential from other bidders and under no circumstance will the Swappy software exceed the bidder’s maximum amount bid. 
  • In the event that another bidder places an identical maximum bid as yours, you will be notified by email so you can place another bid. 
  • If the seller has opted to include a reserve price to his auction and your maximum bid is at least the reserve price, Swappy will automatically increase your bid to meet the reserve. Bidding will continue from the reserve price thereafter.

The information in this document refers to auction-style listings only. Bidding guidelines for Live auctions differ, notably the requirement to register for an event before you are permitted to bid and max bids are referred to as absentee bids.You can learn more about participating in a live auction here.