Buying an Item at a Fixed Price With The Buy Now Option

The buy now option is the quickest way to purchase items on Swappy. With both fixed price and auction-style type listings, when the “buy now” option is made available you can purchase the item on the spot at the set price without waiting for the listing to end.

Auction-style Listings

With this type of listing the seller has the possibility to include alongside the bidding a buy now price. If included, you can choose to skip the bidding and purchase the item immediately at the set price via the "buy now" button.  The set price is established by the seller at the moment of listing his item.

Fixed priced Listings

With this type of listing you can only purchase items with the "Buy now" option.

Purchasing items via the buy now option couldn’t be easier!

Step 1

Refine your search results for items with a Buy now price by using the filter options in the left hand menu.

Step 2

Click the buy now button. The price indicated will be the price you will pay for the item. Make sure to check the shipping cost or any other costs that could be listed in the item description in order to calculate the total cost of the item.

Step 3

Review the details and then click the Confirm your purchase button. 

Step 4

Once completed a message confirming the success of the transaction will appear at the top of the page.