The bidding process for a live auction is straightforward. Once registered and the live auction is about to begin, log into your Swappy account and go to the live auction home page you wish to participate in. From the homepage, click the Join live auction button.

You will be prompted to the live auction page. If the auction is about to start a message indicating that the bidding will begin soon will be visible.

If the auction is already underway, you will be prompted to the lot currently up for auction. You will be able to start bidding via the Make a bid at button.

Placing Bids

During the live auction, you will have the current lot up for auction on the left hand side and the corresponding description below. The center section will populate the current bidding statistics, including:

  • A real time chart illustrating the progression of the bids
  • Number of bids 
  • Time elapsed 
  • Your bid button  
    • A orange button indicates that you can place a bid, it also shows you the amount of said bid 
    • A green button indicates you are the current winner 

Finally the right hand box shows in real time the bid history for both floor and web participants. During the auction, the auctioneer may publish messages to web bidders via this box and once the auction completed, a message will appear in green if you are the winner and in red if you lost the auction.

Ended, Current and Upcoming lots can be viewed in the bottom slider bar of the live auction page. The total number of lots in the live auction is listed in the top left hand corner of the slider.

Winning Bid

If you win the auction for one or several lot(s), a confirmation email containing details of your lots including the next steps to finalize your purchase. Note that you will also receive a message in your Swappy account Inbox indicating the lot(s) you have won.

Bidding History

When browsing lots of a live auction you can view the number of bids placed for each lot by clicking the Bid link located under the price.

Once selected a pop-up window will appear with a list of all the bids, note that the user names are keep hidden for privacy reason.