In order to participate in a live auction you will be required to be in accordance with the registration terms. These terms have been established to ensure as much as possible, transparency between the auctioneer and the bidder. These terms are:

  • Live auction sales conditions 
  • Swappy’s general terms and conditions 
  • Buyer’s Premium 
  • Legal age for participation

Live Auction Sales Conditions

Consulting the sales conditions provides bidders with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the legal considerations surrounding the live auction they wish to register for.

Bidders can consult these conditions via the "Conditions of the auction" link. The link can be found at all times from the live auction home page banner in the bottom right corner.

Once selected a pop up page will open and you will be able to read the sales conditions in their entirety. Note that they vary from one auction to another but in general you can expect them to include details surrounding but not limited to:

  • Taxation 
  • Conflict Mediation 
  • Bidding Increments 
  • Delivery & Insurance 
  • Payment, Interest, Currency 
  • Buyers Premium

Swappy’s General Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are there to warrant that all Swappy members can buy and sell in a safe and fair environment.

By accepting these terms and conditions you understand what is permitted and acceptable within the Swappy environment. Abiding by these terms and conditions ensure that you will not break any rules and goes a long way in maintaining a reliable and honest marketplace for other members. You can consult our terms and conditions at all times here .

Buyer’s Premium

The buyer’s premium is in all simplicity a service fee that the auctioneer has decided to apply to his lots sold at auction. 

When registering for a live auction you acknowledge and agree to the buyer’s premium that is displayed in the 1st step of the registration. You can get details surrounding the buyer's premium here.

Legal Age for Participation

In order to participate in Swappy’s live auctions you must be at least 18 years old.