Registering for a live auction can be completed in 3 steps and only takes a few moments. To begin you will need to access the "Live auction" section from the top navigation menu of the website.

Once selected, Swappy will populate all the current and future dated live auctions. Select the auction that you wish to register for by clicking the "See auction details" button. Note that you can also register to auctions that are currently live.

Once selected, Swappy will load the live auction banner and you are ready to begin your registration by clicking the "Sign up for this live auction" button.

Step 1

Swappy will require you to enter your contact info and certify that you accept the general terms and conditions associated to this auction. This information is relayed to the auctioneer so that he may get in touch with you if required.

  • Contact address can only be entered by selecting the link in blue characters beside the  icon.

  • Once the link selected, Swappy will allow you to use the current addresses you have on file or add a new one via a pop-up window.

  • Once your address added, you must enter a phone number where you can be reached by the auctioneer if required. 

  • You are required to certify that you have reviewed and accept the 4 important conditions of the live auction. 

Step 2

In order to confirm your identity and prevent fraudulent activity you will be required to enter a valid credit card number. This is the safest and easiest way to ensure that only legitimate bidders register for the live auction. Take note that your card will, under no circumstances, be charged or disclosed to the auctioneer.

Step 3

Congratulations, your registration has been successfully completed! You are now ready to browse lots and start bidding. If the auction has not yet started, you can place absentee bids.