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If you haven’t had a chance to update your account’s profile settings yet, Swappy will require you enter an address before continuing. 

Once the fields completed, Swappy will validate the address and if required Swappy will suggest a corrected version. Confirm the right address to continue.

You are now only a few steps away from listing your item(s)

Step 1 - Title

Use wording that accurately represents the item(s) you wish to sell. Take note that your title must be at least 5 characters long

Step 2 - Category

Select initial and sub categories that correspond to your item(s). This will allow maximum visibility of your item(s).

Step 3 - Pictures

Using images that are sharp and illustrative is key to your selling success. Listing an item without supporting images is not permitted. If your item isn't something you can photograph, for example a vacation package, use copyright-free images from the internet that best represent your listing.


         -  The minimum allowed length for images is 500 pixels 

         -  Only brand-new items may use stock images as their primary photos. If you are listing a used item, stock images 

may be used but not as the primary photo. Some categories are exempt of this requirement:  

      • Books 
      • Movies 
      • Music 
      • Video Games (must be new) 

         -  Images with borders are not permitted unless they are naturally occurring due to backdrops.

         -  It is prohibited to insert artwork, logos or text within your image(s).

         -  Watermarks are permitted but must comply with the following:

      • Represent 5% or less of the total image size 
      • Maximum opacity of 50% 
      • Never obscure the item 
      • Does not contain link(s)

Step 4 - Description


The description section is reserved for you to provide buyers with details surrounding the item.


  • Use precise language to describe all the important details of your item and what's included in the listing. 
  • The condition of the item must be stated. New, used or still under warranty and any flaws or repairs must be disclosed. 
  • When necessary make sure to include specific information like manufacturer/artist/author, age, shape, size, colour, date of fabrication or any other notable markings or features. 
  • If necessary, the type of packaging must be mentioned, for example when your item is fragile. 
  • For certain items, like art pieces, it can be useful to include a paragraph with a brief background story of the item or a short blurb about the desirability of the item.

Step 5 - Selling Method 


Fixed Price 

This type of listings allow buyers to purchase your item(s) right away at a predetermined price. Fixed price listings are best when:

  • You know the market value of your item(s) or the exact monetary amount that you require for it.
  • Your inventory on the item(s) is high.
  • You have a lot of items that can be grouped into one listing.

Automatic renewal option will re-list your unslod items until they have been sold.


This type of listings allow potential buyers to bid on your item(s), once the time limit has expired, your item(s) will be sold to the highest bidder. Auction-style listings are best when:

  • You want the marketplace to determine the value of your item because you are unsure of it’s monetary value.
  • Your item(s) are rare, unique, collectable or in high demand. These types of items can easily start bidding wars and in turn maximize your listing’s profits.


Buy now option will allow buyers to purchase your item at a set price, take note that if you select this option the bidding can not exceed this amount.

Step 6 - Shipping

Select the shipping method you wish to offer from the drop down menu and enter your associated cost.associated cost. You can also offer free shipping by selecting the option box.

Note that you can offer several delivery options simply by clicking the Add shipping option link.

Canadians residents can enable shipping to the United States simply by checking the enable shipping to the USA box.

*** It is also possible to offer local pick-up, to do so you will be required to click the add/remove option link in the upper right corner of the delivery box. Swappy will generate a pop-up box with the local pick-up option including delivery guidelines and payment details.

Step 7 - Payment

2 electronic payment options are offered, you can elect to use one or both. Click the +Add/Remove option link in the top right hand side of the payment box to add the following options:

Commit to Buy : Adding the "commit to buy" option allows the buyer to reserve the item without paying for it immediately. This option allows you, in turn to adjust the sales price, modify the shipping method or the type of payment.

Sales Tax: Allows you to collect the sales tax for items that are sold in Canada (calculated in function of the province or territory of shipment).

Note that if you previously selected local pick-up in the delivery section, you will also have a payment upon local pick-up option.

Step 8 - Listing Upgrades

Enhance your listing with these optional features. If you chose not to add any options simply skip the section and go directly to the post my ad button. Take note that listing upgrade fees are charged at the time of listing and are non-refundable.

  • Date of Posting
                -  Posting you’re listing at a specific time and date can increase visibility to more buyers. 
  • Add a Subtitle
                - Include pertinent information below the main title to make your listing stand out. 
  • Change Title Color
              - Set your listing apart in search results by displaying your title a different color. 
  • Highlight your Listing
                - Enhance your listing’s visibility. 
  • Frame your Listing
              - Stand out from standard search results and attract buyers to your listing.