The simplest and most effective way to make sure Swappy email messages are authentic is to log into your account and go to the message inbox section. Swappy always sends a copy of the email to your account inbox.

Take note that Swappy emails will include your first, last and username you provided us when you created your account.

Recognizing fraudulent emails

Designed to trick you into believing they are authentic, these emails will use Swappy logos, similar fonts and mimic the look and feel of official Swappy emails. They will even use on some occasion fake email addresses like

However, just because you get an email that looks credible it is always recommended to make sure and cross-reference with your account message inbox. Below you will find a list of the type of information that is generally included in such "spoof" emails, Take note that Swappy will never send emails requesting or containing this type of information.

  • Confidential Information 
  • Credit Cards numbers 
  • Social insurance number 
  • Username and password 
  • Direct links to Swappy website 
  • Threating language 
  • Attachments 
  • Urgent messages asking you to take action immediately or your account will be suspended.