Keeping your account’s personal details is one of our top priorities. You will find below a list of key steps that we strongly suggest you take to secure your account and personal information from others. Take note that under no circumstances will Swappy send you e-mails requesting financial information or passwords.

Keep an eye out for suspicious activity on your account

Review on occasion your account for any suspect activity and also to make sure nobody has made any unauthorized changes. If something seems off or you notice unusual activity make sure to notify us as quickly as possible. The quicker you act the faster you will be able to protect your account from potential fraud or identity theft.

Take extra steps to keep your account details safe

Your username and password should be chosen carefully, try not to use the same sign-in information as other sites. Follow the tips below to help you create a secure username and password.

  • Avoid as much as possible to use your real name or any other personal information when creating your username. 
  • Inserting numbers and symbols within your password or usernames increases it’s strength dramatically. 
  • Making passwords longer and more complex increases substantially the difficulty for other to guess it. 
  • Never use personal information such as birthdays, names, etc that others could guess or obtain. 
  • Avoid using obvious sequences of numbers or letters.
  • Restrain from using a password you already use for another site.

Be on the lookout of fraudulent emails and websites

Phishing emails are sent in the hope to trick people into providing personal information such as, credit card numbers, social insurance numbers, account login codes, etc. These emails are built to resemble legitimate e-mails and then redirect you to a website that mimic's as closely as possible the official website. 

In the event that you get a suspicious email do not hesitate to send it to us at the following address Never click the links contained within these e-mails.