In the event that your account gets suspended, the Swappy team will notify you by email. Included in the email you will find the reason why we have suspended your activities and the necessary steps you must take to reinstate your account. If your account is suspended and you haven’t received an email in regards to the suspension, contact us as soon as possible.

Swappy can decide to suspend your account for 2 reasons:

  • Non-payment of item(s) or seller fees 
  • Significant violation of Swappy’s rules and policies 

Suspension due to non-payment of your seller fees:

  • To reinstate your account you will be required to pay in full your outstanding balance.  
  • If your account was suspended due to an unpaid item, you can appeal the decision by responding directly via the suspension notice email. Make sure include any relevant information. 

Suspension due to a violation of Swappy’s rules and policies:

To reinstate your account due to a rule of policy violation you have 2 options:

  • Retract or make the necessary adjustments and reply directly to the notice of suspension email and inform us of the changes. 
  • Appeal to our decision and reply directly to the notice of suspension email making sure to include any relevant information why we should revise our decision.

Please Take Note
  • While your account is suspended, you can't buy, sell, leave feedback or log in. We may also suspend any other accounts you have been using.  
  • While your account is suspended bidders will be able to retract their bids on your items. You will not be able to respond to questions or messages until your account has been reinstated. 
  • In the event that your listing is ended prematurely due to an account suspension, you will still be charged the listing fees.