Updating your account details can be done by selecting the "My settings" link from the left hand menu in your profile home page. Once selected you will be able to manage each setting individually.


Set your preferred language of communication to English or French. 

Review the list of possible notifications that Swappy can generate and check the ones you wish to receive, by default all are selected. At any time you can review your selections and make changes .

Don’t forget to save your preferences once you have finished. 

Postal Address

It’s essential to add your postal address to your account, this allow you to sell your item(s) on Swappy. Your address will also determine if you are eligible to purchase item(s), currently this functionality is only available to members that reside in Canada.

Once you have entered your address click the validate button, the system will cross reference and propose you with a suggestion if needed.

Once completed, the address will be linked to your account. 

Note that you can add or updated existing address at any time.