The first step to protecting your account is creating a strong password. By definition a good password is one that is difficult or even almost impossible for others to guess yet still easy for you to remember.

At a minimum your password must be:

  • 8 characters long 
  • Contain at least 1 normal character 
  • Contain at least 1 special character

If the password you entered does not respect the minimum requirements, a pop-up box will appear to inform you of the criteria that hasn’t been respected so you can easily correct it.

Creating a strong password that's easy for you to remember yet difficult for others to guess can be challenging. 

You will find some helpful tips below:

  • Inserting numbers and symbols within your password increases it’s strength dramatically
  • Making passwords longer and more complex increases substantially the difficulty for other to guess it
  • Never use personal information such as birthdays, names, etc that others could guess or obtain
  • Avoid using obvious sequences of numbers or letters 
  • Restrain from using a password you already use for another site